stealth webcam recorder

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stealth webcam recorder

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:22 pm

Cameras are playing very important role in our life. Normally we are using this in our every important moment, we are using this to capture videos and photos. But now days the role of webcam is got changed, it is not only a part for only moments of life even also saving us from thieves and other kind of harms, because it is also providing security. Yes there are many software are available in market which can be providing this kind of facility and changing our normal camera into security device. With the help of these software we can connect our webcam surveillance server with numbers of devices. And we can take photos and videos with proper date and time, which can help us to get complete information. These software also can sound alarm if they will find any sensitivity in their areas. And also can send mail automatically to concern people


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